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Tradekeyindia.com is a B2B directory that contains the list of all the sellers of art, gifts & crafts along with their contact details. Thus, you can easily contact us or even place your order directly to us.

The tradition and customs of a meticulous place is replicated by its handicrafts items. It carries tales of prehistoric times of the kings and queens, and tells stories of its heritage. Wooden handicrafts like carved figures, painted figure, chess board, animal figure and other Indian Handicraft Items of wood are designed aesthetically by the expert craftsman. The Indian handicrafts directory offers you all information in detail. Indian handicraft items ranges from wooden stone, paper mache, metal, glass, bamboo, cane, clay, terracotta ceramics, and textiles. Majority of its production is exported to different countries; the most popular items in Indian handicrafts are brass ware, pen holder, vases, candle stand, Christmas items, ceramic pots, paper mache and other products of paper. Different states of India like north eastern Manipur, Tripura, Northern States of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Kashmir or the southern part, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala are popular for its handicraft collection. Each States offers a wide range of handicrafts, with its own identity. These handicraft items represent quality craftsmanship. Metal handicrafts metals like iron, silver, gold, white metal, sand stones and semi precious stones which are embossed and etched with beautiful designs. From time to time handicraft trades and exhibitions are organized for handicraft lovers all over the world. The Indian handicraft directory furnishes all the information about its trade shows with venues.

Tradekeyindia.com is named as B2B online marketplace and we as a leading online B2B portal offer you an exclusively designed art, handicraft and gifts. Here one can access to the provided listing of the suppliers, buyers and sellers of the art, handicraft and gifts. The listing that would be presented will be really very large and will definitely satisfy any type of requirements that one may be having. If you wish you can too send the business enquiry instantly to specially selected company for religious crafts and other related products. As such, Tradekeyindia.com is a comprehensive arts and crafts directory with huge listings of arts and crafts distributors, wholesalers, importers and arts and crafts exporters.  The best part of this section is that you will find various companies at one place. Thus, via our business platform is so outstanding that one can easily takes its business to the new heights and can perform various business activities with the major global companies under the single roof of ours.

Above all this, our directory provides excessive valuable options to buyer. While being a buyer one can straightforwardly browse for any product according to their own choice & requirements. So just move forward and hunt various business activities just in a single click only. Nevertheless, Indian handicraft exporters are required to resolve issues about quality, color, environmental friendly products and compliance of products with EU regulations and standards to earn the market loyalty. Expansion of their exports and operations and diversification of their product line-up can help Indian handicraft units to grab a huge market share in the EU.