Best Business Directory in India

Business Directory is web page where one can find all the information about different types of manufacturers, sellers, buyers, importers, manufacturers and other types of traders from all over the world under one roof. It is also called by different names like B2B directories, business to business directory, manufacturer directory, traders’ directories and many more.

A business directory is a web page containing all the information about the company. Some of these trade directories are restricted to definite facets like sector of activity, location or size; while other business directories covering all companies’ details. In older days, any person wishing to purchase a directory of businesses had to go to a store that sells those directories. Search through a directory of companies are consuming heavy paper and time. On the other hand, go into your own business in the directory was a lengthy and costly process. Business directories are also called by different names like B2B directories, business to business directory, manufacturer directory, traders’ directories and many more.

Business directories play a significant role in promoting the business because now a days people use Internet for their work and then can easily visit the companies which are dealing in different products by the help of Internet. All the manufactures, service providers, exporters and importers are listed in these business directories. Business directories are very economical because if you are spending more money in promoting your business then you will not able to invest money in business. Business directory is time saving and also includes various features like trade leads, product catalog and search option for the buyer and seller. In trade leads both the buyer and seller can post their leads. In product catalog you can provide the detail of your product and service. So you have to choose the business directory which satisfies all the features. Besides, Indian companies, Indian business directories plays an vital role in bringing types of manufacturers, sellers, buyers, importers and exporters closer to each other globally. B2b directory of India provides an awesome platform for different manufacturers, sellers, buyers and importers to get online deals.

There are various business directories available on internet in India. Most of these websites offer business to business services. These sites often offer their users a built-in search. From last few years Trade Key, has shown outstanding performance in terms of online business deals by the world leading companies. Our B2B trade portal provides a remarkable platform where business houses can advertise their business on the web. It brings business opportunities to all types of companies worldwide and Indian business directories play a middle man and e-bridge between buyers, sellers and third parties to facilitate trade. The B2B directory also powers online business by helping importers, manufacturers and exporters to develop seller and buyers relationships. These online business directories with their relevant data regarding list of different products, items or services offer to world market listed by different Indian suppliers, Indian export, Indian exporters, manufacturers, Indian buyers, import dealers, Indian importer exporters. All these trade directories offer registration to all users in order to list their products and services. Register now with to get your business leads, post trade leads, B2B product catalogue, send and receive business contacts. It is one of the upcoming business to business directory or B2B trade portals that powers online business with the help of thousands of importers, exporters, buyers and sellers, there’s sure to be an opportunity waiting for you.