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Best B2B Portal in India provides a platform for easier business it also helps your revenue and growth increase manifolds. While easier access gives remarkable revenue growth, it also cuts your business cost drastically.

A portal is a collection of web pages, features and services which become a primary objective for users. The word “portal” evolved into impressive bigger covering business websites, where a corporate portal or endeavor information portal acts as a base for employees, customers, suppliers and other associates of a company to access corporate information and web services. B2B means business to business. B2B marketing means the exchange of information, products, and services between businesses. In this business are done between Manufacturers, Exporters, Suppliers and Service Providers. Through B2B On-line business advertisement is done and it is proving very useful in directing huge amount of traffic towards any particular website. It is in such situations that our exclusive and best web promotion strategy, capable of making huge improvements in the number of visitors, comes into use. Instead of simply focusing on business-to-business sales, modern corporations are conducting other economical transactions online. B2B communications are now being used to promote investment, trade stocks and form financial alliances.

Today, B2B portal is requisite for all endeavors of any type and size. The rewards of having a quality B2B portal are substantial. Implementation of a true high quality B2B portal could have immediate impact on company productivity. The purpose of B2B is to allow a business to give information to another business or for a business to publicize to another business. In B2B portals, specific and highly technical information is often provided. Business-to-business cover a number of different types of businesses and products, ranging from office materials sold to corporate offices or raw materials used by a business to produce other products that are then sold in the market. Manufacturers and suppliers of any kind of product or merchandise who register themselves on a b2b portal to give access to a wider consumer base are known as b2b manufacturers or suppliers. It does not necessarily mean that these providers commence selling only through such portal websites. These are producers and suppliers with already operating business units.

Trade Key provides outstanding platform to both large scale buyers and sellers without any nitty gritties of finding manufactures or dealers, contacting them and going through all the hassle of manually placing an order etc. We provide the web solution that allows tracking the whole ordering process from payment to delivery and brings greater efficiency in customer service or directly buy products using the shopping cart Reduce sourcing time cycle The customers can select products from the integrated marketplace of the B2B portal and either sends purchase orders or directly buy products using the shopping cart.

B2B Trade Leads India is a portal who serves as a platform for wholesalers, retailers, distributors and manufacturers to carry out their business activities online. Business to business website has become one of the most Significant mode for business transactions as well as a platform for sales. B2B is playing a major role in connecting Buyers and Suppliers. This is a great way to make contact with a supplier or customer. acts as a bridge between buyers and sellers, importers and exporters, and offers them a common platform with some most useful services. Our Product categories include for e.g. Apparel and Garments, automotive & Auto Parts, Chemicals, Furnitures, Handicrafts & Gifts.

Trade leads are a very important aspect of the import-export segment of Domestic and international business. Trade Leads is a huge marketplace where you can purchase what you want. Trade Leads can be offers to Buy or Sell. Whatever product you are looking to buy or sell, you can find a customer or supplier through the Trade leads. This section is like a message board where you can post and view trade offers for products or services. You can post Trade Lead to highlight your products/ services online and thus generate maximum business inquiries. Companies provide specific products for sale; a supplier directory presents the company and its products. You can search for specific items at Trade Leads. Or else, you can locate leads for your business by looking into companies. These types of Trade lead are also free and an excellent way to source cheap products from specialists in the business. Trade leads can be valuable information but they must be interpreted properly.

One of the important elements of a trade lead is that by definition, a company is offering to sell a particular product right now or in the immediate future. You can also find what your company requires by browsing through several categories. Globally buyers and sellers can post their trade leads to buy and sell, import and export a wide range of products and services. Through Trade Leads, you are provided with the chance to display or showcase the services or items that you are selling. This is possible by uploading your offers to the website of Trade Leads. This will allow you to promote your leads to the whole world 24/7.

Best B2B directory in India

B2B is the ultimate platform that you can choose, to promote your business. A B2B directory can be victimized to deceive the fellowship’s product and services to playacting customers on the Internet. B2B Directory is web page where one can find all the information about different types of manufacturers, sellers, buyers, importers, manufacturers and other types of traders from all over the world under one roof. It is also called by different names like B2B directories, business to business directory, manufacturer directory, traders’ directories and many more.

B2B directories are the information bank to entrust and ease business-to-business transactions at the planetary point. B2B Directory Services hold a straightaway result on your fellowship’s productivity. These B2B directories contain one of the most enormous and exceptional database of recovered familiar Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters. It is an online platform where you can find new products and business partners. Let’s say you are an apparel manufacturer and want buyers to find you from all around the world. The best way to make your company known to the global world is to register with a b2b directory and start promoting apparels there. It is like yellow pages for traders where all sorts of businesses and business information can be found easily. Hence, B2B directory (business to business) is all about meeting needs of the full circle of businesses, and deliver the final product to the customer. B2B is the ultimate platform that you can choose, to promote your business.

B2B Directories are alike to yellow pages where you can get the information allied to desired search. Like if someone wants to look for some mobiles you can search for it in the gadgets section. Similarly you can get the search result for your dress materials in the apparel section. So there’s a whole list of items arranged systematically under a particular heading. A B2B directory is the most ideal localize to curve up. It’s equal to an online dating delivery, and the main conflict is that the transactions prefab here may grow big earnings. There are umpteen advantages of using online directories. Introducing yourself is one of the most significant part of selling products online. It is always required that your company is always known to others. Buyers should know about your company profile which depicts your credibility. All information about your company, your products and services should be presented in a professional manner in a directory.

An additional benefit of using a b2b directory is to keep up with the most recent market trends through trade alerts. You as a supplier can easily monitor who is the latest competitor in your industry. One can interact online or through phones and get the process lined up. Apart from them we have the hardware section from where we can get the details about where are the companies or shops selling various items. As it is mentioned above that business to business is all about setting good terms between two distinct businesses, it is far more above than the formal ‘shaking-hand and let’s do business’ endeavors. Today, everything goes tech-stuff. Traditional business is taking over by e-commerce.

Best B2B Services Providers

Trade Key India is one of the India’s Prime B2B Marketplace where manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers can communicate. This b2b portal provides a wide range of branded and designer products. we are best service providers of Web Designing, Web Hosting, Website Development Services, and Cheep Domain Name Registration, etc. is a B2b Portal its success lie in its simplification of the trading needs by spending less time and money. existed an interface in the form of brokers. Brokers helped to weld business relationships with every trader with one another across the world.

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B2B portal provides better services that include more accurate inquiries that enhance the order conversion, integrated logistics shorten the time on delivery, and Cooperated enterprises enjoy no inspection or fast inspection services by customs, Order follow-up services ensure each order carried out effectively.

Best Business Directory in India

Business Directory is web page where one can find all the information about different types of manufacturers, sellers, buyers, importers, manufacturers and other types of traders from all over the world under one roof. It is also called by different names like B2B directories, business to business directory, manufacturer directory, traders’ directories and many more.

A business directory is a web page containing all the information about the company. Some of these trade directories are restricted to definite facets like sector of activity, location or size; while other business directories covering all companies’ details. In older days, any person wishing to purchase a directory of businesses had to go to a store that sells those directories. Search through a directory of companies are consuming heavy paper and time. On the other hand, go into your own business in the directory was a lengthy and costly process. Business directories are also called by different names like B2B directories, business to business directory, manufacturer directory, traders’ directories and many more.

Business directories play a significant role in promoting the business because now a days people use Internet for their work and then can easily visit the companies which are dealing in different products by the help of Internet. All the manufactures, service providers, exporters and importers are listed in these business directories. Business directories are very economical because if you are spending more money in promoting your business then you will not able to invest money in business. Business directory is time saving and also includes various features like trade leads, product catalog and search option for the buyer and seller. In trade leads both the buyer and seller can post their leads. In product catalog you can provide the detail of your product and service. So you have to choose the business directory which satisfies all the features. Besides, Indian companies, Indian business directories plays an vital role in bringing types of manufacturers, sellers, buyers, importers and exporters closer to each other globally. B2b directory of India provides an awesome platform for different manufacturers, sellers, buyers and importers to get online deals.

There are various business directories available on internet in India. Most of these websites offer business to business services. These sites often offer their users a built-in search. From last few years Trade Key, has shown outstanding performance in terms of online business deals by the world leading companies. Our B2B trade portal provides a remarkable platform where business houses can advertise their business on the web. It brings business opportunities to all types of companies worldwide and Indian business directories play a middle man and e-bridge between buyers, sellers and third parties to facilitate trade. The B2B directory also powers online business by helping importers, manufacturers and exporters to develop seller and buyers relationships. These online business directories with their relevant data regarding list of different products, items or services offer to world market listed by different Indian suppliers, Indian export, Indian exporters, manufacturers, Indian buyers, import dealers, Indian importer exporters. All these trade directories offer registration to all users in order to list their products and services. Register now with to get your business leads, post trade leads, B2B product catalogue, send and receive business contacts. It is one of the upcoming business to business directory or B2B trade portals that powers online business with the help of thousands of importers, exporters, buyers and sellers, there’s sure to be an opportunity waiting for you.

One Stop Destination: Best Manufacturer Directory

B2B e-commerce is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. To find out more information about B2B e-commerce, Business Directory all about E-commerce industry. We helps businesses increase their revenue by lead generation and appointment setting services through

Manufacturers directory consist all vital details about any manufacturer registered. This company information encompass: company name, contact details (phone numbers and email addresses), the category of products / services offered by the manufacturer and the prices of the products. If you are looking for any business to business manufacturer, then the preeminent place to find them is online directories. There are many leading B2B portals which are listing all the manufacturers of different categories of products like gifts & toys, fashion & accessories, automobiles, agriculture, etc. You can visit these web portals any time you require and from any place. For contacting to the suppliers or manufacturers, first you need to register yourself on that website and then you will be able to send inquiries to them. Business to business manufacturers directory contain true and fair information about the companies and help buyers to buy their needed products and services. Generally, these websites also contain the products details and their prices so that the buyer can choose from a huge variety and as per their budget. This is a major platform for the B2B manufacturers where they can display their products as well as the products details.

This directory contains all significant information about any Indian Manufacturers who is registered with the site. Information providers listed in this directory are: company name, contact information and the types of services / products offered by the supplier. These business directories can also have other sub-directories and directory exporter, importer directory and directory service providers. If the user finds a suitable business, then he / she can send a question to the company, either by using the website or contact details. A manufacturer can get the business inquiries for their business by listing himself in a best manufacturer directory. Once the order has been made by the customer then the manufacturer will be able to sell his product without involving any third party. A seller who becomes the member of these business directories can also access the list of supplier to whom they want partnership. The business directory is the main factor which decides the rise and fall of a business, so a businessman or a manufacturer need to choose a right business directory among.

Among various business directories Trade Key is the best manufacturers’ directory in India which offers the web designing services to the manufactures. Thus, this online directory plays a very important role in promoting all types of businesses as well as manufacturers. Apart from this, it is also helpful to the buyers looking for any particular category of products. So, if you are searching for a reliable manufacturer of any particular type of commodity, then visit now at Trade Key portal that will help you in searching your desired product.

India’s Prime B2B Marketplace

Trade Key is one of the promising business to business portals, where one can get connected with the trade world. This is a b2b portal, where international importers and exporters meet whether one is buying or selling. If one wants to export from china or import in America this is the right portal to connect. Whether a manufacturer or a supplier, this portal is providing leads for a wide range of products such as clothing, home appliances, shoes, watches, handbags, perfumes, etc.

Supplier directory contains complete information about all the leading suppliers around the world. These directories help the suppliers to get enhanced business opportunities and business publicity. These are actually a listing of suppliers and their products of vibrant kinds. Online supplier directory enables the people to get genuine and reliable suppliers at a single place. If you are looking for a supplier online, then the best way to find the trusted one is the online supplier directory. These directories contain a wide-ranging list of diverse suppliers of different categories of products. The products are classified into various categories like agriculture & forestry, fashion & accessories, electronics & electrical, furniture, health & beauty products, etc these directories are a perfect place where the buyers can look for a particular supplier without any difficulty.
The supplier directory is like a telephone directory, where people can get full information regarding a supplier. These directories help the buyers in finding the trustworthy suppliers and facilitate them to directly contact then through mails. The main objective of the directory is to offer the convenience of buyers and supplier diversity. It is also a great opportunity for the people who buy products online that can easily purchase products and learn more suppliers of the product in particular, can deal with the suppliers offering the best product at reasonable cost and better services. You can compare between different suppliers of the particular product. In this busy work schedule, the traders do not have enough time to go on sale in the various departments and markets. But now the Indian suppliers are more comfortable to offer all the products you need most in line under the same roof. This is useful for people to save their important time.

The supplier’s directory registered in Trade Key enables the suppliers to get acquaintance and appreciation throughout the whole world. By registering your company on Trade Key online directory, will help you to get known not only in your country but in other countries as well. This international also recognition help the companies to increase the import and export activities of a country. Apart from this, if you are registered on any directory, you will also gain visibility and get more and more orders from the buyers. Shoppers can buy everything they need easily and at affordable costs from these portals. You can get affordable products, because if you go somewhere you have to use your car or went on foot to that place after their parking fees and many costs more to go when you go somewhere to buy things according to your needs.

The suppliers directory includes information on products and services such as automobiles, printing & publishing, security products, sports & musical instruments, real estate, computers and software, electronics, clothing, jewelry and many more products used in everyday life. It is not easy to buy different things from different places. But now you have the opportunity to get all the things you need for a place without tension charges and bargaining. The aim of these supplier directories is to provide the best service to its customers according to your specification. Prior it was not easy to buy all the things of interest from a place right now are the great service that this busy schedule of life. Supplier directory also organizes their exhibitions in different parts of Delhi. There are some of the fairs which are organized by e-suppliers on international level. The main objective to organize these trade shows is to promote global trade practices.